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Mindfulness to Calm the Mind

Mindfulness to calm the mind

This blog is all about mindfulness. Therefore, let me begin by defining what it is.

Mindfulness is – Having awareness of the present moment without judging or evaluating it, without looking back or forward or attempting to problem solve.

In other words just being a Human Being, not trying or doing, just accepting.

Another way of putting it is (I could also use the word ‘awareness’) is becoming an observer of your thoughts and feelings without judgment or reaction.

And in the challenging and intrusive 21st century, when a million things demand our attention and stressful thoughts constantly flood our minds, that can be easier said than done!

We all of course, experience a level of stress. In fact, a stress-free existence is an illusion.

Some stress can be a good thing. It can help us focus our thoughts and find the energy to act.

Constant stress however, can make us quite ill.

Mindfulness can disarm that stressful internal chatter.

Become an observer

By becoming an observer of your thoughts and feelings you take the first step in librating yourself of their meaning. By stepping back in your mind, you start to see the ‘woods for the trees’. So basically, becoming mindful means we ‘see’ much more.

Once we have clarity about how we are mentally reacting to a situation, we are then in a much stronger position to counteract negative feelings and calm the mind.

Here at Unwind, I use Mindfulness Coaching to give you a better work- life balance, increase your resilience to stress and generally help you appreciation life more.

Mindfulness is therefore an extremely powerful tool for those struggling with emotional pain, anxiety, stress or experiencing issues around self-belief and self-confidence.

Another way of putting it is… mindfulness helps us to know ourselves and to like ourselves!

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