Mindfulness Teacher Training Oxford


Below are some testimonials from students and clients who have attended events or classes I have led and organised.


August Online 2020
Brilliant course, really great content and delivery by Aston. I really learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the process. - He may be surprised to discover I am not normally one to raise my hand very often, but found myself feeling completely comfortable to just be fully engaged. Lovely to have Irena involved, very sweet manner. Beautiful delivery of meditations and generally super supportive to Aston and the group.


August Online 2020
Amazing course, I have nothing to add,please keep up with this great work, it was worth waiting for years to enter this course. I am looking forward to use all the experience and skills I have obtained throughout 5 days. I have no words to describe the amazing feeling, so I will keep the silence and stamp the positive event in my diary. Best of luck for delivering this crucial education for the entire world!

Paul. A

June Online 2020
For me, the Zoom session worked perfectly. Because of the intensity of the course it was ideal that we could swich our camera’s off to ‘mentally reset’ whilst still being able to listen in to whatever was being discussed. This was an absolute winner for me.
I think that the 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hour luch break was good. It gave the opportinituy to have lunch as well as watch the video’s and look at the articles that was suggested without being rushed.
All in all, a very enjoyable week.


September Online 2020
I found the training to be informative, inspiring and overall an excellent, experiential week of learning. I was really impressed by the way the course has been adadpted to being online and the nature of the programme meant that there was a really good balance between screen time and time away from the screen. I felt so engaged in the course, due to the engaging nature of the tutors, the material and the overall group experience.


August Online 2020
This was an incredible learning experience. The whole course, from start to finish just blew me away. I cannot emphasise enough, how much I discovered and grew as an individual because of Mindfulness Now. This truly is by far, the best thing I have undertaken, it has not only taught me how important self love of the present is, it has also given me a huge insight into the direction I want to travel, in regards to my career.

Margaret Campbell
Clinical Manager

September Online 2020
Excellent course, beautifully paced. A perfect balance of educational listening and learning, experiential activities and inquiry.

Initially I was slightly anxious about the stress of doing such an intensive five-day course, particularly over the Zoom platform – a medium that can be stressful if used for an extensive period. All anxieties were immediately dissipated by the calm and focussed presence of Aston. The use of Zoom actually creates a feeling of personal contact, which is something I will be particularly aware of as I take forward Zoom based group-work.

I know feel confident to take forward the use of mindfulness, particularly the Mindfulness Now approach, within the centre I work and within my private practice.

Thank you to all who were involved in pulling this together, and thank you to Aston and Irena for a very enjoyable week.

Prof Lara Horvat Dmitroric

MMO June 2019
I really enjoyed the whole week. The teachers were open and friendly and warm. They totally embodied the mindfulness itself and made it more alive for me

Christine Bell

MMO August 2019
Thanks Aston It was a great week. Lots to digest - but exciting! Thanks again for all your teachings.

Kelly Jarvis

MMO August 2019
Thank you again for such an insightful week I really do feel so grateful to have been a part of it and you really have inspired me on my journey to setting up my own business and sharing this incredible work with others.

Dr Szerenke Kovacs

MMO June 2019

The experiential sessions were invaluable

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The theory and practice were very well balanced, the experiential sessions were invaluable. Would totally recommend it to anyone wanting to enhance their professional as well as personal life and well-being. It was a privilege to meet Nick, honoured to have such great experienced teachers like Jenny and Aston. Will hold you in my heart and practice

Diane Titterton

MMO April 2019
I found the mix and balance between formal presentation, role play and personal practice excellent. Group discussion was also beneficial. The retreat day was lovely surprise that I found helpful both on a personal + professional basis

Mark Taggart

MMO April 2019
Very good course . Nice mix of practical theory and group work. Each day followed very well and nothing was boring or dragged

Hannah Conway

MMO1806, St. Johns College, Oxford, June 2018

Amazing & Authentic Experience

“It’s hard to find the words to sum up this amazing experience. Aston, thank you for your teaching, you teach in such an honest and authentic way. You have provided me with the tools and knowledge I need to practice mindfulness daily and also to pass this wisdom on where I can. 
Thank you once again, I found your course truly inspirational! 

p.s the location was perfect!! The grounds had everything we needed for a peaceful week and more, I felt privileged!“

Ceila Andrade

MMO1806, St. Johns College, Oxford, June 2018

Wonderful Week

“Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful week during the mindfulness course. With this new skill I hope to be able to help people of all ages including myself to come to a better understanding and awareness about themselves and start living a true life. Cannot thank you enough for your dedication and passion.“

Melaina Welland

MMO1806, St. Johns College, Oxford, June 2018

Thank you for all your patience and guidance

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for such a wonderful week. I can’t wait to practice what I have learnt from all the experiences and it was a pleasure to share it with such a lovely group. Thank you for all your patience, guidance and most of all for passing on your wisdom and knowledge so that we can hopefully do the same.“

Tracey Freeman

MMO1804 April 2018

Warm & Friendly

This course reached me in ways I had never imagined it would. I was captivated by every part…. Delivery was warm and friendly but also very informative

Casca Graham

Senoir Lecturer Creative Arts
MMO1804, April 2018

Sense of Confidence

I would like to say a very big thank you for all your support over the week. The course was a very good confirmation that I am on the right track with delivering sessions. I walked away with a strong sense of confidence.

Syeda Hossain

MMO1804 April 2018

Thank you Aston

This whole week has been a gift . Thank you Aston for your wisdom and compassion. Thank you everyone for your precious time and presence all of which added to the wisdom of the group.”

Susan Adams

MMO1804 April 2018

Thought Provoking

I can’t think of any constructive criticism. The course was well paced with a good variety. The meditations were lovely and thought provoking.

Geoff Rowe

MMO1804 April 2018


The course content is an interesting one. One of the main attractions of Mindfulness Now, for me, was that it claimed to be ideal for integrating with existing therapies both for one-to-one and group situations. I admit to having some misgivings about this, prior to the course, because I had studied the MSBR and MBCT courses and felt that they were a bit restrictive in their delivery. I was concerned that this course may have a similar rigid delivery. You made it very clear right from the start that the course was flexible and even though you used quite a bit of yoga throughout the week you also encouraged us to find our own way. I found this really useful because my mind has come up with a whole host of different ways of integrating my existing knowledge, into my courses

Zed Mountford – Hill

MMO1808 August 2018

Thank you , thank you , thank you

“This course has really inspired me on the first steps into mindfulness. The content was very good and relevant to the course outcomes.”

Sam O'Sullivan

MMO1808 August 2018

I have really enjoyed this course.

"Aston is an excellent teacher / facilitator and has really delivered Mindfulness Now in a way that has perfect balance "

“The real meditation is how you live your life”

  – Jon Kabat Zinn